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About Country

The country:
Republic of Armenia.

29.800 sq. km, the most part of the territory is 1000-2500 m above sea level.

The population:
3.215.900 million


Governing system:

Armenia is located in a Southwest of Southern Caucasus (the Armenian Mesopotamia) borders in the North with Georgia, in the East with Azerbaijan, in the South with Iran and in the West with Turkey.
The maximum mountain top - Aragats (4090 m). The biggest water basin is the lake Sevan (1960 m above sea level).

Central European, plus 3 hours in comparison with Europe and plus 1 hour in comparison with Moscow.

Holidays and memorable days:
January, 1st - 5th - New Year holidays 
January, 6th - Christmas
April, 7th - day of Beauty and Motherhood
April, 24th - day of memory of victims of the Genocide of the Armenians
May, 9th - day of Victory 
May, 28th - day of the 1-st Independence of the Republic of Armenia
July, 5th - the Constitution day
September, 21st - day of Independence
December, 7th - day of memory to victims of earthquake 1988

Ethnic groups:
Armenians are 96 % of population. The minority of the population are Russians, Kurds, Assyrians, Greeks, Ukrains, Jews, etc. People are very kind to foreigners .The crime rate is the lowest in the region.


Armenian Apostolic.

State language:
Russian and English are widely-used.


The customs control:
Restrictions are not present, except for weapon and drugs.

AMD - Armenian dram - is the only state unit in Armenia. You can
exchange currency for the Armenian drams in banks or in exchange offices.
Credit cards are widely used (visa/mastercard/eurocard/americanexpress etc.)

The visa:
The visa (except for citizens of the CIS) is obligatiory.
The visa can be obtained in the states where the Armenian consulates are,
however registration of the visa is possible in the consular section of the airport's arrival.

Voltage 220V.

Traditional kitchen:
Lavash - a thin ellipsoidal slip of baked dough up to one meter long and 50cm wide. Lavash has no crust and therefore no inside, it is soft and flexible.
Basturma - pressed and dried slices of lean beef, previosly soaked in salt and coated with a spicy mash.
Spas - egg and flour pulp is stirred into matsoun (yogurt) deluded with water and boiled together with stewed rice or crushed wheat.
Tolma - mix of ground meet, rice and greens wrapped in grape leaves, immersed in water or stock and boiled over low fire.
Harissa - is a kind of homogeneous porridge made of previously stewed and boned chicken and coarsely ground soaked wheat.
Khorovats (barbecue) - the peculiarity of the Armenian khorovats is the preparatory marinade of meat, that is the making of basturma. The meat cubes are salted, sprinkled with black pepper and choped onions.
There is also a rich assortment of vegetarian dishes.
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